Punisher, Star Wars, Free Comics & More!

By: Mark Patton

One batch, two batch, penny, and dime!

The-punisherThe Punisher is set to become another Netflix Original and will have his own series coming soon! Now I spoke about Jon Bernthal’s contract a few months ago, as a source I have told me some very new, very private information. Now I can proudly stand up and say that the scoop I gave GeekNerdNet.com from my source was pretty much right on, and it feels good. I’m 1/1 on Marvel scoops and may very well stop there, being 100% is a nice feeling. Now I was told a “Marvel film” was a possibility and he also signed for two “TV shows” mind you in this day and age Netflix accounts for TV so there we go, now if he appears in a movie I’d be over the top on that, but how many street level characters are we going to see in the big boy films? I’m happy Bernthal/The Punisher just received a Netflix Original season, it definitely shows how ridiculously popular the character was, and the sympathy we all felt for a man who was basically broken makes for better watching in my humble opinion.

This one is a short fun blurb if you didn’t know, have hidden under a rock, or don’t
know what Dimay4sney is, next week is Star Wars Day also known as May the 4th is next week! Wednesday to be exact, so pull out your Vader or Kylo helmet, your Wookiee shirt, or anything else from that “Galaxy Far Far Away” and enjoy a nice fun day!

It seems this next week is riddled with fun times because on May 6th Captain America: Civil War is out in theaters and I don’t know about you, but I feel like I would have seen half the movie with the 30 plus TV spots Marvel has put out, maybe slow it down there guys. Civil_War_Final_PosterYou already have the fan base, you don’t need to force a movie everyone has been waiting for down our throats. All-in-all though I’m excited for it and will definitely see it more than once, because although I love DC I also Love Marvel, blasphemy you say? I say you’re foolish if you have to separate them, or pit one against another, they both can be great all on their own. I am looking forward to the deeper introductions into the Scarlet Witch and Vision, as well as the evolution of the Falcon. Bringing in Ant-Man for a little light heartedness, and Black Panther for another twist and agenda is always interesting. With so many characters and the return of Spider-Man to his roots in Marvel I am excited to see how they use him, and how much of a part he plays in the whole movie. From what I have seen there is so much going on it’ll be a little bit squished in there, but if they learned anything from doing too much with Age of Ultron I feel they will be in safe hands and do a great job. Early reports have it being a fantastic time and a movie you’ll definitely want to see.


Now here’s a tad bit of information you may not have had before, now take a deep breath because I know a lot is going on next week, but make sure to visit a participating comic book store for Free Comic Book Day’s 15th anniversary! So go to your favorite comic book ho spot and enjoy the festivities! A lot of places are having signings, giveaways, food, and all sorts of different types of fun.

As always folks share, enjoy, comment, but never hate!


Power Rangers, Green Lantern, and DC Comics OH MY!

By: Michael Worthan

Alright well I gather I should start at the beginning, after a few days of things that really didn’t strike up my fancy here we have a few interesting bits of new news. Elizabeth Banks is onset now as Rita Replusa as seen on the website JustJared.com and few other sites around the web.

Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa for the 2017 film Power Rangers.

A solid look at the full costume in broad daylight and I’m pretty excited to see what they do with such an iconic villain, well iconic to those of us that can still dig Power Rangers in one way or another. A new look for her costume, and possibly a slightly grittier version of the once “silly” villain, a plethora of surprises ahead for the new Power Rangers Movie that comes out next year, and this could be something that re-popularizes what Power Rangers once used be to us that remember the original Mighty Morphin version all those years ago.

Now from  colorful Rangers and a green villainess to DC Comics and their Emerald ring slinger the Green Lantern. A “scoop” occurred earlier that said the “Green Lantern Corps” movie would feature not one, but three of the Earth based Green Lanterns out in Sector 2814. Those three would be Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and the young stalwart GL Kyle Rayner. Now if these rumors from the website LatinoReview.com are to be believed out of the six human based GL’s from the Corps, no to mention the very first Green Lantern Alan Scott we are only going to see these three. Personally I don’t believe the0000gl hype, merely because the movie is 4 years away, Green Lantern hasn’t been brought up in the DC Movie-verse yet, and why not Guy Gardener, or possibly throw something new in there with Simon Baz?  With all of the mythos that surrounds the Green Lantern’s and the legacy that it holds to I can see Green Lantern being done better than the last movie, and adding a ton more diversity to what is already a really diverse DC Comics Movie-verse.

Now sticking within DC  we take a turn towards the actual comics themselves. Now over the last decade DC Comics have made quite a few changes. Whether it be the logo, or the costumes of said characters the biggest change came with Flash Point and the introduction of the DC Comics “New 52”, which didn’t really become too popular beyond a few very well written books. So dc-comics-rebirth-2then it became, after a time, “DC You” which saw Commissioner Gordon lose some years, gain some youth, and also gain a giant bunny rabbit eared mech-suit. He began running around, fighting crime, and calling himself Batman, while the real Batman couldn’t remember anything. It was pretty much like that all over DC, Hal Jordan wasn’t a real Green Lantern anymore, etc. So now they are “Rebirthing” the entire franchise, with some old, some New 52, some DC You, and some actually new characters. It will be an interesting mix, and we get to see the return of the old JSA which makes this fanboy very happy.

With all of this going on it is easy to become disenfranchised by everything and start to take how creative some of this stuff truly is. I say to those that are feeling that way to take a step back and try to enjoy the fact that ten years ago we didn’t have half of what he have now as nerds. Alright folks until next time comment, share, follow, but never hate!

Too much, too soon…

By: Michael Worthan


The last 24 hours have been pretty heinous with not one, but two truly saddening deaths. The music and wrestling nerddoms have come together to mourn the deaths of WWE Legend Chyna, and Rock and Roll and all around music legend Prince. This year has obviously been wrought with quite a few saddening deaths, and it seems each year a wrestler that I enjoyed from my youth has passed away.Chyna000111

So in this I would like to thank each performer who was taken from us far, far too soon. They gave us memories, created smiles world wide, and for even just a moment their individual star shined brighter than the sun. May they each Rest In Peace, and more than that may we each take a moment to realize the impact they had on us, no matter how small or vague it may seem.

Without Chyna the WWE’s women division wouldn’t have evolved into the amazing group of women it is. Although that can be said for a few of the women on the old roster, and even a few of the younger talents today, Chyna changed the game. She was the DX enforcer, she worked with men, and she did what very few women would do in that generation. She was the WWF Intercontinental Title holder twice as well as the WWF Women’s Champion, she entered the Royal Rumble, hell she faced off with men taking some hard bumps. She was a pioneer, and even though the end of her life was not peaches she left a lasting legacy that wrestling fans should remember.

And then there’s Prince, to be honest I listen to mostly alternative rock and a mix of

I don’t know where this exact picture came from, but I dig it so credit where it’s due.

nerdy bands so Prince hadn’t always been on my radar, especially not for most of my youth. One day I was watching “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”, one of my favorite movies, and they obviously make mention of “Purple Rain” in the beginning, so afterward I opted to watch it, and I loved it! I started listening to his music, his message, and to say he was just a musician is dishonest. The man was a definite artist and a talent that was unmatched and is definitely a legend in his own right.

As always comment, share, repeat, but never hate.


By: Michael Worthan


They’ve got a power and a force like you’ve never seen before…Well at least that’s what their theme song says, or used to say during the original iteration of those colorful costume, robot driving, sharp weapon wielding, teenagers with attitudes. Yes folks this is all about the Power Rangers, and not just any version of said Rangers, this is about the Might Morphin Power Rangers and the new movie that will be out in 2017 featuring a new lineup of the old trope about monsters, teens, and the very talented Elizabeth Banks, who was shown in People Magazine dressing up like ‘Scorpina’ but calling herself “Rita Repulsa”.

Brought to you by People Magazine first look.

Now I’ve read some of the comments some folks are behind the look, others don’t dig it, but there are always those groups of people so whatever. I’m more impressed that Power Rangers has stayed within the public eye in some way, shape, or form for the better part of 20 plus years in the United States, the show it is based on ‘Super Sentai’ has been running in different iterations for about 41 years. Power Rangers was a steeple of my brother and I’s childhood, and now to see that they are making a slightly darker version of it for a more adult audience, well hell yes I’m in.

Now not too much has been given beyond the cast and a really small blurb about teenagers and powers, but from all the whispering and rumors floating around it looks as if we will be getting something a bit edgier, a bit darker, and to be honest from the look of Elizabeth Banks in that picture from People, something a little more devastating.

Art By: Wilt Manglicmot follow him on IG & Facebook @mangomokeyboy

Now some of the true hardcore MMPR fans out there may not take kindly to the more adult version of the Rangers, but Saban, the man behind bringing the Power Rangers to American TV as well as the movies we’ve received, knows what people are looking for. The resurgence of the Power Rangers to popularity after a few years of dormancy was because of the 20th anniversary and so he will ride that wave as long as possible.

As always, for every movie almost ever, there will be detractors, haters, and full on nay- sayers. I feel this movie is for those of us who grew up with the Power Rangers, and for those of us who still occasionally stop on the channel they are on and watch an episode or two to remember why we liked theme exactly. Beyond the campy nature of the show there is heart, there is the tale of Good versus Evil, and more than anything there is entertainment value and maybe even a little nostalgia to when watching spandex clad figures fight monsters was the most important part of your day.

Personally I’m going to see it, probably dig it, and more than likely buy it when it hits Blu-Ray and Digital Format. As always folks if you like it, or you love it let me know. Share, comment, rinse, repeat. And as always never hate.

You Wouldn’t Like Them…

By: Michael Worthan

Allegations, unhinged anger, reproach with such disgust that they are seething, and threats! Oh the terrible, terrible meaningless threats! This collection of things can only mean one thing, the fanboys have been turned loose again on the Webosphere about something they find reprehensible. This time around it is Scarlett Johansson playing the lead roll of “The Major” in one of the most popular Anime and Manga’s around. Personally I don’t have a dog in this race, I am an anime fan, but I’m light as standards go and “Ghost In A Shell” was never really my deal. I was more of a  “Bleach” and “Dragon Ball Z” kid with a few others thrown in there for fun.00001111gias

What I am more interested in is how so,SO many people have stepped out and just trashed this movie from the very beginning because the lead was not of a certain racial dissent. There are a few choice words I could easily lay out, but then this blog-site would last a whole 2 minutes after I posted if anyone disagreed with, which someone most certainly would. I’ll throw so knowledge out regardless though A) Dragonball Evolution was an abomination and all of the copies of the movie should be burned, BUT it tried, as half-assedly as a studio could try. The deal is they saw the failure, and possibly even understood why it failed, so maybe JUST MAYBE they won’t go that direction and could stick to the amazing amount of source material that there is. Now B) is Cultural Diversity, something that Hollywood is not very well known for. They could have put an actress who was of Japanese heritage in the movies lead roll, and hey this would have easily made all of the fans of the franchise happy, problem is due to Hollywoods lack of cultural diversity and the probably amount of money being dropped into this type of movie there are very few leading lady candidates for the role of Major. So what did they do? They went white as white could be, but they also went with someone they knew would bring in box office revenue. The business decision won out, and I’m not saying it’s super correct, but I did see why they would do this.

Now here is the rub, people don’t like it, especially not the series fans, but instead of being rational human beings we get about 300 articles up of just bitter venom, we get human rights speeches about the way Hollywood treats race, and then we get the people that just want something to hate on. The simplified solution is “Don’t Go See The Movie” if you do that, and it fails then maybe your point will get through. The issue is there are millions of people who don’t know the source material, and some that do, that will still be curious if the movie looks good enough. So with that in mind maybe for a cognitive thought, garner support, and like a person who knows how to act like a responsible adult, maybe you bring forth that well thought out argument to the masses.

It’s time as fans to stop with the “mad to be mad” ideals and do something about whatever makes you unhappy. If you think “I could do better” then do it, work on it, try it out and do better. Don’t be the cyber bully, don’t be the “I’ll Kill You” person, don’t be the insensitive asshole.

As always read, if you like it share, and if you don’t go ahead and comment like a person and don’t hate, never hate.


Surge Forward Ye’ Mighty Nerds

By: Michael Worthan

Well yesterday was a pretty good day for comic book fandom as a whole, we have learned that Oscar Award winning Director/Actor/Man-Crush Ben “I’m Batman” Affleck is definitely going to do a solo-Batman film. There had been inklings of speak about such a thing occurring, but trusting those rumors is like trusting…well anything said on the internet that hasn’t bee directly quoted or refuted by the companies and people involved.

He looks so intense!

This comes as good news during a pretty decent run by Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice at trying to garner 1 Billion Dollars world wide, and especially after the bashing by critics that very same movie took. It looks as if DC/Warner has itself a fairly good amount of confidence going into all of these movies.

Then there is the Benedict Cumberbatch news, which honestly isn’t so much news as it is a really amazing trailer that will now allow magic into the Marvel Universe. I have been waiting for this bit for a while, simply because with the Netflix shows you Have Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil as street level heroes, but then there is Iron Fist who is also pretty street level, but has a mystic background as well. It will be interesting to see how they wholly incorporate the magic without it becoming all encompassing, or too hokey.

If you haven’t seen said awesome magic trailer check it out below.

I hope you guys enjoy the little bit o’ news that I can throw your way. I’ve been rolling as press for well over 12 years now, but this is my first time venturing on my own, so read, comment, enjoy. Never hate though, never hate.

The Way It Works

By: Michael Worthan

It is strange how a few days of watching the internet tear apart good, creative, and unique ideas will change one’s perspective, especially on something that I’ve been wanting to write about for a while. The original form of this article was going to be how DC and Marvel isn’t a “versus” kind of deal, but a situation where both companies need one another to perform well in theaters, as well as in the comic book industry as a whole. Because if one starts to falter the other may very well start to follow suit. Maybe one day I’ll get around to that story, but this one is about something a bit different.


Over the past decade, maybe even longer, comic book fandom has grown to amazing proportions, and so has the popularity of nerd culture. This has always been something astonishing to me because the term “geek chic” did not exist when I was in school, being called a nerd was something you put up with and you went about your comic book business with close friends who were into the same thing. Now it seems I can’t throw a stone without seeing or meeting someone who has on a nerdy shirt and comments on my shirts as I do theirs. This expansion to me has been phenomenal, I’ve even been able to introduce my mom of all people to the TV shows Arrow, The Flash, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and even took her to WonderCon this year, her first ever real Convention. The turn here though is with everything good in life some of the bad seeps in as well.

The issue we’ve started facing as fans is those on the internet who feel they can consistently do it better, or who look for the issues in every nook and cranny of every movie. These people used to be called critics and were paid by news organizations to go out and judge the films they see. They still exist, except their voice is just a little difficult to hear amid all the websites out there that also write-up critiques. Plus we have social media where everyone and everything has been, can be, or will be heard. The complaints, the hate, the anger, but most of all the feeling of entitlement.

That is what this is about, the feelings I have toward those within the fandom who feel entitled. These movies, cartoons, and fan films have occurred for such a log period of time that a lot of us have forgotten the time when we didn’t get a few comic movies a year, nor was the thing we love, the comic books from whence all the ideas for the movies have come from, were celebrated as widely as they are now. They don’t realize that one day all of this will indeed stop, the movies will over-saturate the industry and the money they make won’t be worth the studios’ time, or they’ll just grow weary of the complaints.

The fact that “fans” within this industry are chasing off directors, scrutinizing every possible interview an actor has, and are months later getting “outraged” at the Guardians of the Galaxy movie for a line that was said is ridiculous and truly uncalled for. We need to focus on the good within the industry and yes if a major issue occurs talk about that, talk not threaten, not send hate mail, tweets, or Facebook posts. Talk like civilized people should. I one day plan to have a child that I would love to be a nerd, hell I have a nephew that is a nerd, but the status quo of nerdom needs to change ASAP for the younger generation’s sake, because we adult nerds are going to ruin something beautiful for the sake of just doing it.

It all starts with going to a movie and not looking to over-analyze it, but looking to enjoy it. If you don’t, hey, that’s your opinion and you are more than welcome to talk about it like a person, but the disparaging hate needs to quit and soon.

This is just my take, what’s yours? Read, comment, discuss. Don’t hate though. Never hate.