The Visage of a Hero

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By: Michael Worthan

A persons view of a hero is based upon many factors, and those factors vary upon the person, the beliefs, their interests, and so much more. Simply put no one thinks the exact same thing about a hero all the time, and even when opinions are similar it was a different train of thought that brought that person to their conclusion. Now the same can be said about literally anything, why do you like your favorite novel, color, website and so on and so forth. The internet, and Social Media to a major extent, have exacerbated these differences and turned them into hate riddled arguments all the while breaking up friendships and ruining movies and shows just because “enter opinion here” did not come about or look the way you felt it/she/he/they should have.

Most don’t recall when we did not have a new superhero/heroine movie out every year, let alone two or three of them, and as we became spoiled with our favorite heroes on the big screen, we also began to complain. We started with minor things and then started nitpicking the plot, the characters looks, their cadence, their race, their gender, and those opinions started to spark outrage, to move fan against fan, and it separated us. Our fandom has been splintered by hate and anger, by bigotry and vitriol from people who are brave behind a keyboard and cruel to boot. We have forgotten what it was like to be the unpopular mass, to be able to go to a Convention to just have fun and speak to people who get us, who understand our fandoms and don’t judge us for them, even if they don’t understand them. There’s always been divisive opinions in comics and movies, but hell we enjoyed hearing about them and were able, at one point, to discuss them as people, as fans, regardless of who we are. Being a nerd has gone from all inclusive to mocking those that are new to fandoms and making sure that they don’t explore other ones by mocking their likes and dislikes. The state of our world, the state of our nation, and the state of nerdom are starting to mirror each other and that is not a reflection I want to be a part of.

For every hero there must be a villain, a foil to rage against the just and righteous, but what happens when that villain is the very group that has made that hero? What occurs when the hero themselves are taken out of being heroic and made to be a symbol for something not so amazing? What is the visage of your hero? Maybe it’s taking someone who knows nothing about something you love and introducing them to it, maybe it’s listening and understanding each others points of view without name calling or yelling. Possibly you can simply be a hero by accepting that not everyone will like the same things, and that sometimes letting go of reality and just immersing yourself into fiction for a few hours could be worth the trip. Maybe being a hero is allowing your tattoos, art, writing, or collection tell their own story and sharing it when asked. We as nerds have always wanted to be on the top of the food chain, and now that we technically are maybe we should bring others into the fold.

I know I will, will you?



You Wouldn’t Like Them…

By: Michael Worthan

Allegations, unhinged anger, reproach with such disgust that they are seething, and threats! Oh the terrible, terrible meaningless threats! This collection of things can only mean one thing, the fanboys have been turned loose again on the Webosphere about something they find reprehensible. This time around it is Scarlett Johansson playing the lead roll of “The Major” in one of the most popular Anime and Manga’s around. Personally I don’t have a dog in this race, I am an anime fan, but I’m light as standards go and “Ghost In A Shell” was never really my deal. I was more of a  “Bleach” and “Dragon Ball Z” kid with a few others thrown in there for fun.00001111gias

What I am more interested in is how so,SO many people have stepped out and just trashed this movie from the very beginning because the lead was not of a certain racial dissent. There are a few choice words I could easily lay out, but then this blog-site would last a whole 2 minutes after I posted if anyone disagreed with, which someone most certainly would. I’ll throw so knowledge out regardless though A) Dragonball Evolution was an abomination and all of the copies of the movie should be burned, BUT it tried, as half-assedly as a studio could try. The deal is they saw the failure, and possibly even understood why it failed, so maybe JUST MAYBE they won’t go that direction and could stick to the amazing amount of source material that there is. Now B) is Cultural Diversity, something that Hollywood is not very well known for. They could have put an actress who was of Japanese heritage in the movies lead roll, and hey this would have easily made all of the fans of the franchise happy, problem is due to Hollywoods lack of cultural diversity and the probably amount of money being dropped into this type of movie there are very few leading lady candidates for the role of Major. So what did they do? They went white as white could be, but they also went with someone they knew would bring in box office revenue. The business decision won out, and I’m not saying it’s super correct, but I did see why they would do this.

Now here is the rub, people don’t like it, especially not the series fans, but instead of being rational human beings we get about 300 articles up of just bitter venom, we get human rights speeches about the way Hollywood treats race, and then we get the people that just want something to hate on. The simplified solution is “Don’t Go See The Movie” if you do that, and it fails then maybe your point will get through. The issue is there are millions of people who don’t know the source material, and some that do, that will still be curious if the movie looks good enough. So with that in mind maybe for a cognitive thought, garner support, and like a person who knows how to act like a responsible adult, maybe you bring forth that well thought out argument to the masses.

It’s time as fans to stop with the “mad to be mad” ideals and do something about whatever makes you unhappy. If you think “I could do better” then do it, work on it, try it out and do better. Don’t be the cyber bully, don’t be the “I’ll Kill You” person, don’t be the insensitive asshole.

As always read, if you like it share, and if you don’t go ahead and comment like a person and don’t hate, never hate.