A Review Of Sorts: Roses and Rot

By: Michael Worthan

I am terrible at reviews, not because I lack the vernacular to write about something, see that there that’s at least a two dollar word, it’s because I feel I never do justice to what I have read. I have a terrible habit of reading others reviews and seeing that they break down every page, every twist, every turn, and even delve into what things could or should mean. I’m not that guy, again I am intelligent and thorough enough to do that, but when I read something I want to make my own conclusions, draw forth my own thoughts.

So I always come to a compromise, I will tell you what the book is about in the vaguest of senses, like you might as well read the back of the book to get a feel for it kind of vague, and then I will tell you what I thought of the book without giving even the slightest possible thing away. I do this with all my reviews or books and even movies, I want the reader to read the book, but also to connect their own dots, like a great song an amazing book means something different to everyone.

When Imogen was young she told her sister Marin fairy tales. Once upon a time, she’d tell her, there was a way out, out of their awful lives, away from their abusive mother, this way was on the backs of fairies. As an adult Imogen realizes that the true escape had been in telling those tales and so she continues to tell them as a writer who is still grappling with the nightmare that was her childhood. Reunited with her sister at an artists’ retreat Imogen is forced to confront her past.

The debut novel of author Kat Howard (I linked you folks to the Amazon pages, spoiler the book is great go buy it) is nothing short of amazing. A fan of all sorts of Fiction Roses and Rot had me enthralled in the story the entire time. I was no longer just an audience member reading a book to what will definitely become a best seller, I was a part of the story, a witness to something beautiful yet horrifying in the same way.

Howard’s Attention to detail, ability to surprise me as a reader, and use of the Grimm styled fairies that I have come to love and fear in the world of Fantasy had me smiling and grimacing all the same. Like I said before I refuse to spoil this book, but I can definitely assure you that this is one that I will share with all of my readers, friends, and family. Kat Howard deserves nothing less than a standing ovation for this novel, and I personally can not wait to see what she does in the future.


Justice League Movie News!


 By: Michael Worthan & Mark Patton

We have a little over a year until DC Studios and WB puts out the Justice League Movie, but that hasn’t stopped the almighty machine from trying to build a reputation for it already in the public. After the Batman v. Superman debacle where the fans were split and the critics hated it, DC and Warner are trying to make sure the same does not happen to the rest of their DCU. With the rumor mill swirling about DC did hand us this brief snippet of what we will be looking at when it hits theaters.

“Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy.  Together, Batman and Wonder Woman work quickly to find and recruit a team of metahumans to stand against this newly awakened threat.  But despite the formation of this unprecedented league of heroes—Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash—it may already be too late to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions.”

This description by itself already lightens the mood up a bit with the description. This may very well be what DC/WB have been trying to do by shaking up the order of power a bit and letting Geoff Johns lend more of himself and his ideas and passion for these flicks. And above this little article is the newly released Justice League logo for the flick.

Here’s hoping good things come DC’s way in the next few years!


A Half Assed SDCC Survival Guide

By: Michael Worthan


It’s about that time where the larger Cons are starting up again after what seems like a minor lull, something like the eye of the storm before San Diego Comic Con, and then it all starts up again and we get Long Beach Comic Con, Stan Lee’s Comikaze, Wonder Con, APE, and so many more here in California. At this time a lot of people are putting up “How to Survive” articles for SDCC and honestly I did give it a thought, but what I realized was the way I survived was through learning. I am 32 and have been going to SDCC since I was 18, I remember years back when my buddies and I were able to walk up to the window for SDCC and buy tickets. Yes you read that right, we waited in a short line and bought tickets for Comic Con, walked right in after the purchase too, no massive lines or ridiculous security checks to see if your name matched your badge. That’s how old I am, and still when I do press at SDCC, I’ve been doing press junkets for the better part of 10 years, I am one of the younger guys there and when I’m not I gladly lend advice to the new kids and offer whatever supplies I can spare if they are out.

If you happen to need a “How To Survive SDCC” from me here are some rules:

Hall H is not worth it, I don’t care who is doing what if you have a temperament, get annoyed at lines, or simply don’t want to waste an entire day standing around to maybe possibly get into a panel don’t go. I have been to Hall H a number of times in my tenure as a press and attendee fella and never have I been blown away by anything that goes on in there. And now that a lot of places aren’t playing clips because things get leaked before they even play them it becomes even more of a not worth it scenario, also I’m 32 my days of camping on hard concrete to maybe see something is done.

If/When you meet a celebrity act like they are a person, smile, shake their hand, and even gush a tiny bit. Don’t rush them, scream, or act like they owe you if they turn down a picture, which in my experience is almost never. These folks love that you watch their shows, we are the reason they have the careers they do, so don’t be a dick.

Pace yourself and wear comfy clothes and this includes shoes. Take it from a man who loves to look nice and match, a t-shirt, cabbie hat, and jeans or shorts along with my most worn in shoes (clean as they are they are still beat to hell) have become my go to look for SDCC and Press Panels alike. It’s hot, you’re going to walk a lot, and it’s going to smell a bit funky. Be comfy, you are there to enjoy yourself so enjoy yourself please.

Cosplayers are people, they owe you nothing, don’t be a pervert, don’t be an asshole, ASK to take pictures, talk to them for a second, compliment their hard work. Those are all decent, human things to do.

And finally, Comic Con, all Cons really, are where we can get together with our nerd brethren and enjoy what we love. Despite the trolls online, and all the hate people tend to put out Comic Con can easily be the most enjoyable place in the world for us. I say have fun but don’t push yourself, understand it’s crowded and when you feel that it is too much walk as far away from the Con as you are willing to, usually my buddies and I go to Fridays a couple miles down, and grab some food and beer. Giving yourself that breather and then rejoining the fun makes all the difference in the world.

Here Comes The Sequel!

Injustice 2_Announce Art

By: Michael Worthan & Mark Patton

If you haven’t heard well now here it is, Injustice 2 is coming! I have never been a massive proponent of fighting games, the storylines never really worked for me, but me being the DC Comics fan that I am, I had to try Injustice: Gods Among Us. I loved it, the game is extraordinary, the add-ons were fun and added to the storylines, and I never truly became tired of the gameplay.

“In Injustice 2, we are introducing new features that will change the way fans play fighting games,” said Ed Boon, Creative Director, NetherRealm Studios.  “We’re always interested in pushing the genre forward and allowing players to customize and level-up their favorite DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains is a significant leap.”


“Expanding the DC Universe in games continues to be one of our top priorities, and Injustice 2 showcases amazing gameplay and an original story to bring the characters to life for players,” said David Haddad, President, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.  “NetherRealm Studios is offering fans an experience of customizing and battling with DC’s iconic characters in an entirely new way.”


Injustice 2 offers the latest DC fighting game experience that expands on the previous title’s larger-than-life showdowns.  Every battle defines you in a game where players personalize iconic DC characters with unique and powerful gear earned throughout the game.  For the first time gamers can take control of how their characters look, fight and develop across a variety of game modes.


Injustice 2 continues the epic cinematic story introduced in Injustice: Gods Among Us as Batman and his allies work towards putting the pieces of society back together while struggling against those who want to restore Superman’s regime.  In the midst of the chaos, a new threat appears that will put Earth’s existence at risk.  Players can play from the biggest DC roster ever offered in a fighting game, from classic fan favorites such as Batman, Superman, Supergirl and Aquaman, to astonishing new villains like Atrocitus and Gorilla Grodd.  Battles will take place across arenas that have evolved in scale and span across iconic locations such as Metropolis, Gotham City and Atlantis.


To celebrate the announcement of Injustice 2, fans who have downloaded the hugely successful Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile game can unlock the Injustice 2 versions of Superman and Aquaman through the in-game Challenge Modes.  Released in 2013 and developed from the ground up by NetherRealm Studios, the Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile game is available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play.

Below is the game teaser trailer:

Armada: A Late Ass Review

By: Michael Worthan


Okay, so I’m pretty late to the game here, and for the most part that’s my fault. I am a huge fan of books, so much so I have a stack of then just waiting to be read, and so one after another I devour them and love every minute of it. Problem is keeping track of my favorite authors books and them finding the proper time to fit them into what is an already busy schedule. So my sincerest apologies Mr. Cline, also if you’re reading message me on Twitter @notsosilentmike and I’ll gladly interview you or just shoot the breeze with you about nerd things.

So this is going to be a far from usual review as I am doing this right after reading Armada (read it, buy it, love it!) and I’m writing this with the glee of a five year old who just found where all of the Halloween candy is being hidden. Armada was amazing, from the very beginning you’re pulled into Zack Lightman’s world. The depth and beauty with which things are explained, but not overly so which allows you, dear reader, the ability to throw your own bit of allows twist on some stuff. The nerdy mentions, the gaming jargon, the stories of the characters, all of these were set to create a rich universe that I could see myself in.

To conclude what is basically me gushing about this book I highly recommend it. As always share, comment, but never hate!

Things, Stuff, And Rangers!

By: Michael Worthan

It’s time! It’s time! It’s nerd time!


A quick update for all my fellow comic book fans out there, Saturday May 7th is in fact Free Comic Book Day, so go to a participating store and enjoy yourself some awesome free comics!

Civil_War_Final_PosterIn other news Captain America: Civil War is out this week, has been out in other places for a little bit, and for all intents and purposes it is getting very good reviews. I haven’t seen a really bad thing about it so I am excited to see it this weekend and maybe do a quick review later on, maybe.

In Power Rangers news we have seen through some leaked pics a second costume for Elizabeth Banks Rita Repulsa as well as Entertainment Weekly posted a picture of the new Power Rangers costumes.

Not my picture, credit where credut us due!

The costumes look a lot more armored, slightly reminiscent of ye olde’ Power Rangers movie of my childhood, but my assumption with CGI and all the money they will pour into the effects all the costumes will look a bit different come 2017 when the movie comes out. What do you think about the costumes? The re-emergence of Power Rangers back into pop culture? Are you gonna watch it? Let me know in the comments. As always comment, share, but never hate!

Punisher, Star Wars, Free Comics & More!

By: Mark Patton

One batch, two batch, penny, and dime!

The-punisherThe Punisher is set to become another Netflix Original and will have his own series coming soon! Now I spoke about Jon Bernthal’s contract a few months ago, as a source I have told me some very new, very private information. Now I can proudly stand up and say that the scoop I gave GeekNerdNet.com from my source was pretty much right on, and it feels good. I’m 1/1 on Marvel scoops and may very well stop there, being 100% is a nice feeling. Now I was told a “Marvel film” was a possibility and he also signed for two “TV shows” mind you in this day and age Netflix accounts for TV so there we go, now if he appears in a movie I’d be over the top on that, but how many street level characters are we going to see in the big boy films? I’m happy Bernthal/The Punisher just received a Netflix Original season, it definitely shows how ridiculously popular the character was, and the sympathy we all felt for a man who was basically broken makes for better watching in my humble opinion.

This one is a short fun blurb if you didn’t know, have hidden under a rock, or don’t
know what Dimay4sney is, next week is Star Wars Day also known as May the 4th is next week! Wednesday to be exact, so pull out your Vader or Kylo helmet, your Wookiee shirt, or anything else from that “Galaxy Far Far Away” and enjoy a nice fun day!

It seems this next week is riddled with fun times because on May 6th Captain America: Civil War is out in theaters and I don’t know about you, but I feel like I would have seen half the movie with the 30 plus TV spots Marvel has put out, maybe slow it down there guys. Civil_War_Final_PosterYou already have the fan base, you don’t need to force a movie everyone has been waiting for down our throats. All-in-all though I’m excited for it and will definitely see it more than once, because although I love DC I also Love Marvel, blasphemy you say? I say you’re foolish if you have to separate them, or pit one against another, they both can be great all on their own. I am looking forward to the deeper introductions into the Scarlet Witch and Vision, as well as the evolution of the Falcon. Bringing in Ant-Man for a little light heartedness, and Black Panther for another twist and agenda is always interesting. With so many characters and the return of Spider-Man to his roots in Marvel I am excited to see how they use him, and how much of a part he plays in the whole movie. From what I have seen there is so much going on it’ll be a little bit squished in there, but if they learned anything from doing too much with Age of Ultron I feel they will be in safe hands and do a great job. Early reports have it being a fantastic time and a movie you’ll definitely want to see.


Now here’s a tad bit of information you may not have had before, now take a deep breath because I know a lot is going on next week, but make sure to visit a participating comic book store for Free Comic Book Day’s 15th anniversary! So go to your favorite comic book ho spot and enjoy the festivities! A lot of places are having signings, giveaways, food, and all sorts of different types of fun.

As always folks share, enjoy, comment, but never hate!

Power Rangers, Green Lantern, and DC Comics OH MY!

By: Michael Worthan

Alright well I gather I should start at the beginning, after a few days of things that really didn’t strike up my fancy here we have a few interesting bits of new news. Elizabeth Banks is onset now as Rita Replusa as seen on the website JustJared.com and few other sites around the web.

Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa for the 2017 film Power Rangers.

A solid look at the full costume in broad daylight and I’m pretty excited to see what they do with such an iconic villain, well iconic to those of us that can still dig Power Rangers in one way or another. A new look for her costume, and possibly a slightly grittier version of the once “silly” villain, a plethora of surprises ahead for the new Power Rangers Movie that comes out next year, and this could be something that re-popularizes what Power Rangers once used be to us that remember the original Mighty Morphin version all those years ago.

Now from  colorful Rangers and a green villainess to DC Comics and their Emerald ring slinger the Green Lantern. A “scoop” occurred earlier that said the “Green Lantern Corps” movie would feature not one, but three of the Earth based Green Lanterns out in Sector 2814. Those three would be Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and the young stalwart GL Kyle Rayner. Now if these rumors from the website LatinoReview.com are to be believed out of the six human based GL’s from the Corps, no to mention the very first Green Lantern Alan Scott we are only going to see these three. Personally I don’t believe the0000gl hype, merely because the movie is 4 years away, Green Lantern hasn’t been brought up in the DC Movie-verse yet, and why not Guy Gardener, or possibly throw something new in there with Simon Baz?  With all of the mythos that surrounds the Green Lantern’s and the legacy that it holds to I can see Green Lantern being done better than the last movie, and adding a ton more diversity to what is already a really diverse DC Comics Movie-verse.

Now sticking within DC  we take a turn towards the actual comics themselves. Now over the last decade DC Comics have made quite a few changes. Whether it be the logo, or the costumes of said characters the biggest change came with Flash Point and the introduction of the DC Comics “New 52”, which didn’t really become too popular beyond a few very well written books. So dc-comics-rebirth-2then it became, after a time, “DC You” which saw Commissioner Gordon lose some years, gain some youth, and also gain a giant bunny rabbit eared mech-suit. He began running around, fighting crime, and calling himself Batman, while the real Batman couldn’t remember anything. It was pretty much like that all over DC, Hal Jordan wasn’t a real Green Lantern anymore, etc. So now they are “Rebirthing” the entire franchise, with some old, some New 52, some DC You, and some actually new characters. It will be an interesting mix, and we get to see the return of the old JSA which makes this fanboy very happy.

With all of this going on it is easy to become disenfranchised by everything and start to take how creative some of this stuff truly is. I say to those that are feeling that way to take a step back and try to enjoy the fact that ten years ago we didn’t have half of what he have now as nerds. Alright folks until next time comment, share, follow, but never hate!

Too much, too soon…

By: Michael Worthan


The last 24 hours have been pretty heinous with not one, but two truly saddening deaths. The music and wrestling nerddoms have come together to mourn the deaths of WWE Legend Chyna, and Rock and Roll and all around music legend Prince. This year has obviously been wrought with quite a few saddening deaths, and it seems each year a wrestler that I enjoyed from my youth has passed away.Chyna000111

So in this I would like to thank each performer who was taken from us far, far too soon. They gave us memories, created smiles world wide, and for even just a moment their individual star shined brighter than the sun. May they each Rest In Peace, and more than that may we each take a moment to realize the impact they had on us, no matter how small or vague it may seem.

Without Chyna the WWE’s women division wouldn’t have evolved into the amazing group of women it is. Although that can be said for a few of the women on the old roster, and even a few of the younger talents today, Chyna changed the game. She was the DX enforcer, she worked with men, and she did what very few women would do in that generation. She was the WWF Intercontinental Title holder twice as well as the WWF Women’s Champion, she entered the Royal Rumble, hell she faced off with men taking some hard bumps. She was a pioneer, and even though the end of her life was not peaches she left a lasting legacy that wrestling fans should remember.

And then there’s Prince, to be honest I listen to mostly alternative rock and a mix of

I don’t know where this exact picture came from, but I dig it so credit where it’s due.

nerdy bands so Prince hadn’t always been on my radar, especially not for most of my youth. One day I was watching “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”, one of my favorite movies, and they obviously make mention of “Purple Rain” in the beginning, so afterward I opted to watch it, and I loved it! I started listening to his music, his message, and to say he was just a musician is dishonest. The man was a definite artist and a talent that was unmatched and is definitely a legend in his own right.

As always comment, share, repeat, but never hate.


The Way It Works

By: Michael Worthan

It is strange how a few days of watching the internet tear apart good, creative, and unique ideas will change one’s perspective, especially on something that I’ve been wanting to write about for a while. The original form of this article was going to be how DC and Marvel isn’t a “versus” kind of deal, but a situation where both companies need one another to perform well in theaters, as well as in the comic book industry as a whole. Because if one starts to falter the other may very well start to follow suit. Maybe one day I’ll get around to that story, but this one is about something a bit different.


Over the past decade, maybe even longer, comic book fandom has grown to amazing proportions, and so has the popularity of nerd culture. This has always been something astonishing to me because the term “geek chic” did not exist when I was in school, being called a nerd was something you put up with and you went about your comic book business with close friends who were into the same thing. Now it seems I can’t throw a stone without seeing or meeting someone who has on a nerdy shirt and comments on my shirts as I do theirs. This expansion to me has been phenomenal, I’ve even been able to introduce my mom of all people to the TV shows Arrow, The Flash, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and even took her to WonderCon this year, her first ever real Convention. The turn here though is with everything good in life some of the bad seeps in as well.

The issue we’ve started facing as fans is those on the internet who feel they can consistently do it better, or who look for the issues in every nook and cranny of every movie. These people used to be called critics and were paid by news organizations to go out and judge the films they see. They still exist, except their voice is just a little difficult to hear amid all the websites out there that also write-up critiques. Plus we have social media where everyone and everything has been, can be, or will be heard. The complaints, the hate, the anger, but most of all the feeling of entitlement.

That is what this is about, the feelings I have toward those within the fandom who feel entitled. These movies, cartoons, and fan films have occurred for such a log period of time that a lot of us have forgotten the time when we didn’t get a few comic movies a year, nor was the thing we love, the comic books from whence all the ideas for the movies have come from, were celebrated as widely as they are now. They don’t realize that one day all of this will indeed stop, the movies will over-saturate the industry and the money they make won’t be worth the studios’ time, or they’ll just grow weary of the complaints.

The fact that “fans” within this industry are chasing off directors, scrutinizing every possible interview an actor has, and are months later getting “outraged” at the Guardians of the Galaxy movie for a line that was said is ridiculous and truly uncalled for. We need to focus on the good within the industry and yes if a major issue occurs talk about that, talk not threaten, not send hate mail, tweets, or Facebook posts. Talk like civilized people should. I one day plan to have a child that I would love to be a nerd, hell I have a nephew that is a nerd, but the status quo of nerdom needs to change ASAP for the younger generation’s sake, because we adult nerds are going to ruin something beautiful for the sake of just doing it.

It all starts with going to a movie and not looking to over-analyze it, but looking to enjoy it. If you don’t, hey, that’s your opinion and you are more than welcome to talk about it like a person, but the disparaging hate needs to quit and soon.

This is just my take, what’s yours? Read, comment, discuss. Don’t hate though. Never hate.