A Legend

By: Michael Worthan

“Well my name is Jim, but most people call me…Jim.” -Jim (Gene Wilder) Blazing Saddles

Today we lost a legend. Gene Wilder, at the age of 83, passed away today. What happened, how it ocurred, and all the other information can be found on the news, I’ve never once claimed to be the news. Gene Wilder is a legend, a phenom in any movie he was in his skills, timing, and abilities were so unique. That’s what drew me in, his attitude in any role, you could always tell he knew he was funny, but never forced it.

In my family Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles are rites of passage, most of Mel Brooks movies are, but those two are something I watch at the very least once a year. The loss of Mr. Wilder may go unnoticed by some, but today we need to celebrate his life and the gift it was.

A Full-Assed Review: Suicide Squad

By: Michael Worthan

Worst heroes ever. One of the main tagines for the Suicide Squad movie kind of sells them short. Although not really heroes our protagonists, El Diablo, Harley Quinn, Dead Shot, Captain Boomerang, Killer Croc, Katana, and company face a bigger bad than them and come up looking hero-ish in the very end. If you’ve been online you know the stars, you know of the characters, and you know that “professional critics” basically hated the hell out of this flick.

I am in the minority of people that have a website that dug this flick. Was it perfect? Nope. It had spots and flaws and busted logic at times, but I wasn’t looking for a perfect movie, I was looking for a fun movie and I found it. I enjoyed all aspects, the set up for Justice League, the possible meet and fight of the JL and the Squad, and what it could mean for DC Movies. David Ayer did a great job making a movie of the comic book nature that wasn’t just unique, but could essentially pull in its own genre down the line.

Now comes my soap box type rant…The fact that it seems to be ever increasingly popular to bash DC Entertainment and question it’s path. I think Suicide Squad and BvS have started something along with MoS that could essentially lead, under the guideance of Geoff Johns. With Wonder Woman and Justice League on the way we will definitely see some awesome shows. The fact that “fans” still feel like people from DC or Marvel owe them something is a joke. It’s not them it’s you when it comes to the critique and the ever expanding amount of Hollywood that doesn’t give a damn about your complaints.

In other words go enjoy the  movie!